Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species Yokai (Oni)
Birth Date
Debut Chapter 241
Voice Actor None
Actor None

Minki (眠鬼 Minki) is Bakki and Zekki's sister and a demon.







  • Bakki - Minki's older brother.
  • Zekki - Minki's second brother.


  • Meisuke Nueno - As first Minki is just want to using Nube for releases her brother from his hand, but after living together with Nube and his students, Minki changed her mind and claims Nube as her big brother.


Past EventsEdit

Jigoku Sensei NubeEdit

Jigoku Sensei Nube NeoEdit

5 years after the events of original Jigoku Sensei Nube manga, Minki and Bakki was forced to go back to the Hell, due to there's something strange was happened. After the Onis back to the hell, along with Bakki was trying to recovers Zekki's body which was destroyed by Nūbē in few years ago.

A few years later, the Onis was fight against Daira Setsuki Tentei, who wants to destroys the human realms. Tentei tried to attacks Minki, Zekki protected her from his attack. After Zekki was injured by Tentei from protect Minki, Bakki requested Zekki goes to the human realms to tells the current situation to Nūbē and his friends, that they have to prepares to fight against Tentei later in human realms if Bakki and Minki was failed to stop him.

Reibaishi Izuna: AscentionEdit

Minki appeared brief along with Bakki in the special chapter of Reibaishi Izuna: Ascention, under Nūbē's request helping him and Yukime go back to Kyushuu, before both Nūbē and Yukime was getting blame by Izuna Hazuki and Kyōsuke Tamamo.


  • In the original manga epilogue (7 years time-skip of original manga), both Bakki and Minki was lives together with Nūbē and his family. In the sequel Jigoku Sensei Nube Neo, however, Bakki and Minki was forced to back to the Hell (5 years time-skip of original manga). This is a retcon due to the series authors have no idea how to continue the stories with Bakki and Nūbē become friend later in original manga.